Indian Pichwai Cow Painting

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natural colour on cloth

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Pichwai paintings are works of art that are used to adorn the walls of temples, behind the idol. The Pichwai style is from the Nathdwara School and is identified by characteristic features of large eyes, broad nose, and a heavy body, similar to the features on the idol of Shrinathji. Different paintings are made for different occasions, different seasons, festivals, and so on. While the painting has pink lotuses in the summer, the painting for Sharad Purnima is a night scene with the bright full moon. Themes such as Raas Leela, Holi, Annakut (Govardhan Puja) are also seen in their relevant occasions. Sometimes rich embroidery or appliqué work is used on the paintings. Enclosed in a dark border, rich colours like red, green, yellow, white, and black are used, with a lot of gold decorating the figures. On a starched cloth, the painter first makes a rough sketch and then fills in the colours. Traditionally natural colours and brushes made of horse, goat, or squirrel hair were used, but now faster and less expensive materials have replaced them. One can still find many paintings done with natural colours only. The use of pure gold in the paintings adds to their value and charm. For one painting, it may take 3-4 days to just prepare colour from pure gold.

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natural cloth with glass frame

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