Tie Dye Coffee Mug Set (Set of 2)

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Our coffee and tea mugs are perfect for starting your day with a cup of coffee or enjoying a cup of tea while relaxing.Our mugs are made from premium bone china embellished with 24k gold and handcrafted to reflect your personal style. With styles ranging from monotone colours to bright and bold, we’ve got a mug for every mood. A variety of sizes and colours make our mugs the perfect combination of both form and function.A set of two mugs makes a thoughtful gift to say thank you, or to brighten someone’s day. As this product is decorated with 24K gold or platinum, it is not microwave safe.Our products should be hand washed with mild liquid soap and a sponge for optimal results.

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Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 39.5 × 39 × 21.5 cm





Fine Bone china

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3.1 x 3.5 inch (DIA X H ) 250 ml