Multifunctional Bottle Opener

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Bottle opener

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Inspired by Japanese ergonomics, the crafty multi-opener effortlessly opens screw-top bottles, soda bottles, soda cans, food cans, and jars lids. With a solid beechwood handle that doubles as a stand, this opener is a kitchen must-have. The multi-functional opener is every mixologist’s favorite bar tool too! Avoid straining your hands and breaking fingernails. This multifunctional opener tool can help you take off caps & lids for jars, wine bottles, beer bottles, water bottles, cans, and other food or drink containers easily. Durable strong wooden Anti-slip Grip | Ergonomic design for effortless opening. opens all standard bottle caps from beverages and beers | Easily clips off all types of soda and beer cans | Comfortably unscrews all standard plastic bottles of beverages, juices, and mineral water.

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