The Importance and Value of Craft and Design Supplies in Kolkata

The Importance and Value of Craft and Design Supplies in Kolkata

Art and design as a topic on the curriculum (with craft implicit rather than explicit in its content) is usually accepted as a right for children and adolescents enrolled in formal education. Small children happily elbow-deep in primary colors and young individuals engaged meaningfully in front of a well-known artwork actively behind a camera lens come to mind.

These supposed pictures are currently in serious danger, and many schools and settings have intentionally abandoned paintings, kilns, and cameras. The topic this post will address is what is happening to our subject, our instructors, our children and young people, and eventually to our creativity, culture, well-being, and economic prosperity through Craft and Design Supplies in Kolkata.

Creating opportunities

Within the context of formal education, the subject promotes participants’ personal, social, moral, spiritual, cultural, and creative development by allowing them to engage with and explore visual, tactile, and other sensory experiences, as well as how to recognize and communicate ideas and meanings. These possibilities expose kids to both classic and emerging media, fostering confidence, competence, inventiveness, and creativity.

They get an appreciation and value for pictures and artifacts from other eras and civilizations, as well as an understanding of the circumstances in which they were created, as a result of these possibilities. They have the ability to think critically on their own and others’ work as a result of their experiences in art, craft, and design. They learn to think and act creatively and intellectually as artists, creators, and designers. They acquire a respect for and interaction with art, craft, and design as critical consumers and audiences, as well as an appreciation for the role of art, craft, and design in the creative and cultural sectors that shape and enhance their lives.
‘Knowing how’ is equally as important in life as ‘knowing that’. Art, craft, and design education exposes students to a variety of academic and practical abilities. It teaches students how to utilize and comprehend a diverse variety of tools, equipment, materials, and systems. It gives frequent opportunities for children, adolescents, and lifelong learners to think imaginatively and creatively and to build confidence in other disciplines and life skills.

It is important to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; incorporating STEM into STEAM stimulates creativity, innovation, and economic progress. Art, craft, and design complement and assist other disciplines, industries, and sectors. It introduces students to prospective jobs in the visual arts and creative industries, as well as heritage, cultural, and digital and design media, all of which contribute considerably to the economy and reputation of the country on a competitive worldwide world-class stage.