How to decorate your Home With Luxury Homeware Items?

How to decorate your Home With Luxury Homeware Items?

Do you want to give a new and more lavish look to your home? Do you feel your home lacks the lustre & needs coup de grace? Then there are a few things that you can do to spruce up your living space.

Go for voluminous accessories 

Expensive homeware items are usually voluminous and have weight. That is why ceramic vases appear more luxurious than lighter ones, which feel like & are possibly made of plastics. So, accessorize with quality throws, carpets, area rugs and cushions, which have a classy touch and elegant feel. Experiment with color, texture and pattern to get the look that you want. Look for weighty accent pieces such as Madhubani paintings & fine arts, decorative brass bowls, honeycomb vases, wooden candle holders and ceramic planters because they will have a feel like they have something to them. Avoid buying flimsy homeware items.

Adorn your walls

A gallery wall can exude thoughtfulness, elegance & awestruck your visitors. If composed well it would make your house feel like a home but if the paintings aren’t hung properly or are not of right size & scale then it is going to look quite disorganized. So, you need to be very careful when hanging unique pieces of art on the walls for creating that cohesive look.

Keep a few things in mind like galleries do work wonders against dark backdrops, the art that you are hanging might not be same or of same size – you just need to use same frames or go for art that are in same color groups and a secret to creating a great gallery wall is lighting.

Create a plush look with sheer curtains

If your home is flooding with natural light and has high ceilings, go for sheer curtains. Hang them as close and high as possible to the ceiling and you will get that luxe look and cozy feel. Don’t make the mistake of hanging these curtains just above your window frame.

Make your bathroom look expensive

Get a handmade stone bathroom set from a local store in Kolkata that offers homeware product supplies and create a chic & elegant bathroom. Use light color bath lines and white color paint for a soothing yet high end look. You can also install a glass tile backsplash in neutral colors for a timeless update.

These are some timeless touches of classic décor that can make staying at your home a treat. So what are you waiting for? Add a touch of comfort and give your home an air of luxury making a beautiful place for you to stay.