Table Mats vs. Table Runners: Understand the Basics!

Table Mats vs. Table Runners: Understand the Basics!

When you plan to set a beautiful and inviting table for your guests, numerous options may come to your mind to enhance the dining experience. Table runners and mats are two common options from the online gift store in Kolkata. These are both popular table accessories used to enhance the look and functionality of your dining table.

But are they the same or different? Just follow this blog till the end to know the difference.

Table Mats:

  • Function: Table mats, also known as placements, serve the purpose of shielding the dining table from heat, stains, and spills.
  • Size: Usually rectangular or square, table mats are smaller in size and made to fit a single-place setting. You can buy this set of 4 Asma table mats from the KCC Gallery Store.
  • Material: Fabric, vinyl, plastic, and even natural materials like bamboo or jute can all be used to make table mats.
  • Design:Table mats are a simple way to bring flair and individuality to the dining table because they are available in a variety of patterns and colors. They can be coordinated with the overall theme or season, like this set of 4 Lagom dinner mats.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning them is not too difficult. A moist towel may be used to clean off these table mats.

Table Runners:

  • Function: Table runners are mostly ornamental and contribute to the dining table’s overall aesthetic appeal. They give the table setting a splash of color, texture, and flair.
  •  Size: Table runners are long, narrow cloth strips that go down the middle of the table, like this Lagom table runner.
  • Material: A variety of materials, such as cloth, silk, lace, and even burlap, are commonly used to make table runners.
  •  Design: Table runners are available in a range of colors, textures, and patterns, like this beautiful Asma Table Runner. They may be readily adjusted to fit various events or seasons, and they are frequently utilized to create a focal point on the table.
  • Cleaning: Because table runners are sometimes made of fragile or decorative fabrics, they may need extra attention.

To sum up, we can say that both have a special role at your dining table. Table runners provide a beautiful touch, while table mats provide useful protection. Try out several combinations from the Best Online Gift Store in Kolkata to establish the proper table arrangement that complements your eating experience and expresses your style.