3 reasons why you must have terracotta drinkware at home

3 reasons why you must have terracotta drinkware at home

When it comes to buying drinkware items for your home, you are not at all limited to a few options as you can have an abundance of drinkware options at The Gallery Store. Mainly glass and ceramic are the two most usual selections that people make for drinkware items. If you are one of them who find these glass and ceramic drinkware humdrum and thinking about what other choice you are left with, then we have the perfect solution for you- and that is terracotta. The Gallery Store where you will get the best Artistic Dining Accessories in Kolkata is one such locus that is reviving our long-lost traditions with its sustainable and eco-friendly products, that too without compromising on style. Yet, a majority of people do not opt for terracotta products thinking that they will look plain and dull amidst the shining homeware products. However, since the summer heat is intensifying with the passing days, it is vital to start using drinkware items made of terracotta and enjoy the listed below benefits.

  1. Naturally keeps water cool: During this scorching heat of summer days, liquids like drinking water easily get warm. But if you make use of a terracotta water jug with a wooden lid, you can be sure that the water will stay cool naturally. The natural clay used in a terracotta jug allows evaporation to happen, even when the bottle is tightly closed with its lid. And, there are small holes at the microscopic level that ensures the water remains cool naturally. Thus, there will be no need to keep the bottle inside the refrigerator always.
  2. Good for metabolism: Did you know that conventional drinkware usually harms the body? Though the ill effects are not too obvious, our health gets compromised in some way or other. But if there remains a terracotta bottle with a wooden lid on your dining table rather than any other drinkware, we guarantee that you will consume much cleaner water and experience a better metabolism inside your body. And, the terracotta bottle with a wooden lid that you will easily get at The Gallery Store will suit your style.
  3. Eco-friendly: Since people worldwide have already started to face serious issues like global warming, a majority of people have realized the benefits of going eco-friendly. If you have also made a wish to contribute to this global cause, the very first step is to switch to terracotta drinkware at your home. Terracotta drinkware items are highly environment-friendly as they do not pose any threat to nature or the environment.

Enjoy all these benefits stated above offered by terracotta drinkware products without compromising on style and looks. For that, you must visit The Gallery Store where you will get the best Online Dining Accessories in Kolkata. Because we believe that every product listed on our site is worth adding to your home.

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