Discover different types of Paper napkins for your dining table

Discover different types of Paper napkins for your dining table

When it comes to choosing paper napkins for your dining table, there you will get a variety of them, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Usually, the most popular paper napkin for dining tables is tissue paper that is thin and absorbent at the same time. However, it may sometimes turn too delicate while cleaning up spilled drinks. In this particular blog, we will discuss different types of paper napkins and give you an opportunity to explore some sophisticated collections of paper napkins from The Gallery Store which is a perfect locus of artistic dining accessories in Kolkata.

Before getting into the main part, let us notify you of some benefits of having paper napkins on a dining table. The advantages of paper napkins are as follows:

  • Always new and more hygienic than cloth napkins
  • Economical and easily available
  • Eco-friendly since it is completely bio-degradable
  • Functionally convenient and serves multiple purposes

What are the different types of paper napkins?

  • Beverage napkins: Beverage napkins or cocktail napkins are usually used to hold drinks, appetizers, and desserts on a dining table. These napkins are single-ply and not used for prolonged use.
  • Snack napkins: Perfect takeaways for house parties or any other events. Unlike cocktail napkins, snack napkins are a bit bigger and better in quality. A lot of household uses these napkins inside the kitchen in order to quickly wipe off small spills.
  • Luncheon napkins: These napkins are best for sit-down meals or buffet services at any party or event. These are far better in quality and their two-ply constructions have made them suitable for prolonged usage.
  • Dinner napkins: Just as the name suggests, dinner napkins are commonly used for dinner services. The quality of a dinner napkin is so premium that a single napkin can last almost the entire dinner time.

Here are some premium paper napkin collections from The Gallery Store-

  • Sunny spring paper napkins: These are the premium quality 3-ply printed and decorative paper napkins that can easily be the center of attraction on your dining table.
  • Tropical leaves tea paper napkins: These beautifully printed paper napkins are appropriate for your dining table if you want to add a quintessential tropical touch to it.
  • Tea time paper napkins: These 3-ply napkins are best to be kept on a tea table while serving tea, coffee, or some other beverages.

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