Baby Powder Candle

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The entire day we experience a lot of scents. Our nose is frequently requested and gone up against with terrible fragrances. The scent is likewise reminiscent of a lot of wonderful things. Visit the Luxury Homeware Products in Kolkata. Dreams from home are in every case great to take candle is in every case warm and well-disposed whether you are separated from everyone else at home, with your cherished one, or with companions Have a gander at these Beautiful Collections of Candles and Fragrances from the Best Online Gift Store in Kolkata.



Citronella is an oil extricated from Citronella plants and grass. For Citronella Candles to be compelling, they should have genuine oil, not simply manufactured citronella fragrance as a few candles have out there, Contact the Online Home Decor Items of Kolkata. The smell of Citronella is the new citrus’ profoundly scented fragrance. They will improve any event.



Baby Powder Candle

Baby powder Candel

Spruce up a room with our spotless Baby Powder fragrance from the Homeware Product Supplies of Kolkata, Ideal for washrooms and rooms. Because of a blend of cautiously organized fragrances made utilizing quality fixings from around the world and premium waxes, these Candle makes a wonderful environment.
Note: Trim your wick to 3mm before each consumption. Let the top layer of wax melt and pool to the edges to abstain from burrowing.


Gratitude Candle

A mix of winter lemon and silver eucalyptus with musk and fir needles from the Best Online Gift Store in Kolkata upholds our soul of appreciation and permits us to offer our thanks. Welcome appreciation, overflow, and arrangement into your life by setting your confirmations, and utilize our Gratitude, Alignment, and Abundance candles and diary to assist you with making careful customs


Spa Set of 3 candles

Spa Set of 3 candles

A modern mix of blue lavender and palmarosa that will genuinely quiet your psyche. Spearmint, peppermint, and wintergreen smell to revive your body. New marine and citrus concur are mixed with a smidgen of blossoms and musk to renew your spirit.
Note: Store in a cool, dry, and dull spot. Permit cooling before relighting.


Wild Rose Candle

A female smell of the world’s most generally cherished blossom, the Rose. Attempt this soy candle by the Online Dining Accessories of Kolkata and inundate yourself with the decent fancy aroma enlivened and blended with geranium, rose, fig, sandalwood, and cedar.