Get dolled up, Be Fashionable with Scarves & Stoles

Get dolled up, Be Fashionable with Scarves & Stoles

We are frequently questioned about the fundamental distinction between a stole and a scarf. Consequently, we now have a solution! Simply put, a stole is a longer, thinner scarf. And if you’re thinking about ordering silk stoles online, choose Craft and Design Supplies of Kolkata; it’s maybe the most fashionable addition you can imagine. You couldn’t be more wrong. Silk stoles and scarves are year-round fashion items that can transform any look from casual to fancy. They may be purchased from online gift shops.

Unquestionably one of the most basic yet stylish accessories is a scarf. Just look at the Dining Accessories available online in Kolkata. For each season, anyone can don a scarf. Visit The Gallery Store if you’re seeking for artistic home décor in Kolkata.

With our selection of stunning Floral Flower scarves and stoles, you can wrap yourself in elegance. Our items are the essential cover-up for dining establishments, movie theatres, outdoor events, parties, business functions, and work functions. Visit Kolkata Craft and Design Supplies. Our stoles are well made, with soft, lightweight fabric that won’t irritate your skin and is simple to carry.


Coral Textured Stole

The Office Girl with a Coral Textured Stole is fine. An online gift shop in Kolkata offers a Coral Textured Stole made of very silky Fine Australian. It has soft Merino Wool, which provides it with a warm feel. This lightweight feather stole is easy to carry and may be worn with both formal and informal attire.

Note: Only dry clean.


Beautiful orange-colored floral striped on a stole. Makes a lovely stole to put on over your delicate shirts and dresses. gives ultra-fine cotton a plush, velvety feel. Purchase Artistic home decor in Kolkata. It has a soft shine and a great drape.

Peony Flower Stole

Unique Peony Flower Stole is a specially created bronze cotton scarf with antique peony blossoms. This scarf is the ideal accessory for the spring, summer, and fall seasons since it is incredibly soft and nicely drapes. This scarf from Kolkata‘s Best Online Gift Store is big enough to be used as a shawl over both day and evening attire.


A specifically formulated ultra-soft cotton silk fabric Rust Carnival stole is used to make the stole. Giving is made simple. Visit The Gallery Store in Kolkata for a larger selection of luxury homeware products.