Explore The Gallery Store’s Authentic Dokra Art Pieces

Explore The Gallery Store’s Authentic Dokra Art Pieces

India is rich in culture and heritage, and we find a variety of cultures with different art forms. The artistic products created by regional artists from all around our nation are adored in other countries as well. Dokra Pieces are typically made from natural raw materials, Indian handicrafts, and art pieces from the Best Online Gift Store in Kolkata and are environment-friendly. One of the numerous distinctive handicrafts that came from the Indian subcontinent and have endured is the Dokra Art. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the authentic Dokra pieces from The Gallery Store.

Authentic Dokra Art Piece Fish


Boat Style by Mahadev Karmakar

Authentic Dokra Art Piece Boat by Mahadev Karmakar

Authentic Dokra Art Piece by Chandan Debnath

Due to the lack of its birthplace and sufficient marketing outlets, it is the rarest type of art and is on the verge of extinction in today’s fast-paced society. The Gallery Store of Kolkata honors the artists who create these beautiful Dokra Art and online home decor items to share their regal beauty and rich cultural heritage with everyone. The authentic terracotta and Dokra ornamental objects can only be made by a few skilled artisans using their unique manufacturing techniques. It is distinct and special at the same time.

Each work of Dokra Art pieces sold by an online gift store in Kolkata has a unique personality all its own. Dokra was often learned and passed down as a great skill through the centuries. These handicrafts are often created over an extended period in the Bastar area. High degrees of skill and precision are required for this procedure. You may find Dokra Art pieces all over the world, but the décor made by the artisans of India has its perfection as they appear smoother which makes them look the best.


We conclude that Dokra Art is only one of the several old traditions that have been kept alive throughout the years by communities, the majority of which have experienced tyranny in one way or another. Buy the best Dokra paintings online in Kolkata. If you’re seeking authentic, high-quality aesthetic art forms, you should pick a reputable internet store that can send the artwork directly from the artist’s home. The Gallery Store is where Kolkata residents may find priceless online home decor items.